Dwarf Sour Cherry -Juliet




Stock type: 1 gallon pot
Age:  2 year
Size:  1 ft

Juliet Cherry is a hardy deciduous shrub and hybrid variety of the University of Saskatchewan Sour Cherry released in the Romance Series of dwarf sour cherries in 2004. It blooms earlier than the other Romance varieties, and produces highly desirable, delicious dark red fruit for production with high yields. Juliet Cherry is ideal as a landscape or accent tree.

Growing Information

Important! Upon Arrival:

Keep moist and cool. Plants can be transplanted out once the soil can be worked in the spring. Light frosts will not damage the plants as they are in the resting stage. If you are unable to plant immediately, the plants can be stored for a short period of time. This should be a dark, cool (but not freezing) location such as an unheated garage, fridge or a cold cellar. They should also be kept moist, but not wet, until they are planted.


Grow in a sunny location that has good air circulation and average to rich, well-drained soil. Avoid low areas where frost and standing water can be a problem or sites where cherries, peaches or plums have previously grown. They prefer a pH of between 6.0-6.8(slightly acidic).  They can be kept in a pot and then planted out after danger of frost has passed. Plants should be spaced 4-5 feet apart, in rows 10 to 15 feet apart. Plant in a hole that is big enough to accommodate the entire root mass of the tree.  Water immediately after planting and water well until established.


Thorough watering the first 2-3 years will help establish a good root system. Watering should be reduced around August-September. This will allow the plant to produce winter buds, increase hardiness, and increase dormancy development.  Mulching is recommended in the early stages as this will help the trees compete with weeds and long grass.  All varieties are self-pollinating, however better results are obtained when two varieties are planted. Bees will also help improve fruit set by moving pollen.


When fully mature, they will reach up to 7 to 8 feet in 5 to 6 years. These cherries are heavy yielding, producing up to 10 to 15 kg per plant. With proper care they should begin to bear fruit in 3 years. The fruit holds well for at least three weeks after ripening.