Cafe & Deck

Incredible home cooked meals and baking with the most beautiful view.


Sensational Sandwiches $8

Garlicky to the MaxxMelted Havarti cheese, tomatoes and fresh garlicky pesto on a ciabatta bun
Sweet & Savory CiabattaHam, Petrofka’s Chutney and Apple Mustard, apple slice, cheese melted in a ciabatta bun
Prairie SensationPetrofka’s Perogy Bun filled with red onion, tomato, green, Petrofka’s Sweet-N-Spicy Apple Mustard, summer sausage and Havarti cheese.
Cafe ClubSmoked bacon, tomato, mayonnaise, hummus on fresh Doukhbor bread
Ham & Pepperoni CiabattaHam, pepperoni, marinara sauce, Havarti cheese melted into a ciabatta bun
Add a side $2.50

Petrofka Specialties

Pulled Pork SandwichPork loin slowly cooked in our Sweet-N-Spicy Apple BBQ Sauce, topped with coleslaw and served on our homemade baguette slathered in our Rhubarb Relish.  (coleslaw served on side or on top)$9
Apple Smokie on a BunOur very own Petrofka Smoky served on our homemade bun.
(add sauerkraut for $0.75)
Slice of Doukhobor BreadSlice of our clay-oven baked bread grilled on our panini press with your choice of Carrot Cake or Apple Pie Jam$3.50
Perogy BunClay oven baked bun made using cheddar cheese, onions, mayonnaise, garlic rolled and poppy seeds, lightly grilled on the panini press. $3.50
Apple Cinnamon BunClay oven baked bun made cinnamon roll filled with fresh diced apples, lightly grilled on the panini press.$3.50


Doukhobor Borshch (vegan) $5

Thinly sliced cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, onions and lots of fresh dill. (comes with a home-made baby bun)

Coleslaw $3.50

Sliced cabbage, onion, apple, carrot tossed in our homemade vinaigrette

Café Desserts & Treats

Apple Bread Pudding with Fresh Dairy Cream $5

Confetti Square $2.50

Peanut butter, butterscotch chips and marshmallows – what could be better?

Petrofka Ice Cream Sunday $6

Vanilla ice cream topped with our very own fruit topping made out of Haskaps, apples, Saskatoon Berries, & Rhubarb

Petrofka Pies by slice $5

(add a scoop of ice cream for $1)

Prairie Apple Pie

Pie of the Day

Fresh to the Core