Thinking about doing a fundraiser?

The pies the limit!

Pies the LIMIT Fundraising – Different, fun and so delicious.

What could be better than selling handmade pies, soft apple cider and dehydrated apples? All made with locally grown and harvested Saskatchewan fruit.


  • The Apple and AppleToon pie, frozen unbaked, are our fund-raiser pies.  Your order can be a mixture of pies.
  • Your cost: $9.00 each.
  • The minimum order for fund-raiser pies is 100.
  • Most groups price their pies between $15 and $16.
  • Pies are packaged in cases of 12. Overall case dimension is 18″x10”x10″ square.
  • Each case weighs approximately 24lbs. (Note 100 pies = 9 cases. Please allow for this area in your vehicle.)
Soft Apple Cider
  • Your cost: $7.50 each
  • The minimum order for fund-raiser cider is 8.
  • Most groups price the juice between $9 and $10.
  • Packaged in cases of 8. Overall case dimension is  18” x 10“ x 10”
  • Each case weighs approximately 33 lbs.
Dehydrated Apples
  • Your cost: $1.00 each.
  • The minimum order is 50.
  • Packaged in cases of 50. Overall case dimension is  18” x 10“ x 10”
  • Most groups price the bags between $2 and $3.

Schedule your order with us before you begin selling.
Call in your final count at least one week before your scheduled
pick up date.
Orders are picked up at the Petrofka Country Store. Delivery can
also be arranged but fees may apply.
Payment required prior to or when you pick them up.

If for some reason your fund-raiser event is not going to take place,
please call as soon as possible so we can cancel your order.
We are not able to schedule fund-raisers after the first week in
December (until after New Year’s).


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