Lots of Fresh Veggies Available

We have lots of great fresh veggies!  Peas in pods, zucchini (green & yellow), onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some delicious baby potatoes!  Saskatoon Berries are plentiful and available in 3 sizes!  Four types of our “More Fruit-Less Crust” pies will be flying out of the oven every few hours ! RhubaToon, Saskatoon, AppleToon and our best seller,  Apple Pie.

This weekend is the 12-40 and Beyond Tour.  We will be serving very own Apple Smokies on a bun, fresh new-potato salad, ice cream with Saskatoon Berry topping and of course apple pie & ice cream.

Come join the fun and walk our beautiful trails and picnic our scenic riverfront beach.


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