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Closest I can get to heaven without buying the ticket

(please note: we are a WE-PICK not a U-pick)

SEASON ENDING SOON – Store and trails currently open daily from 10 – 7 pm

Prairie Sensation Cafe – OPEN 11-6 PM DAILY
(no reservations and COVID spacing in place)

Petrofka Orchard is a 46-acre fruit farm orchard located right on the North Saskatchewan River. Main crops include apple, plums, sour cherries and haskaps which produces over 58 gourmet products. The on-site Country Store is where you can purchase these and other local seasonal fruits and vegetables. The Prairie Sensation Cafe & Deck is a great place to enjoy a great meal or a coffee and dessert.  Petrofka Orchard is great place to spend the day with the family with over 1.5 km of beautiful trails, a riverfront beach and a charming country store to shop in.

Petrofka Orchard is well-known for its great homemade pies, Doukhobor Bread and Buns, fresh produceunique preserves, fresh berries and other locally produced items.  Come visit us to see what you have been missing.

Fresh to the Core