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July 24, 2018 – Grafting Day 1 at Little Tree Nursery

July 25, 2018 – Grafting Day 2 at Little Tree Nursery

Petrofka Bridge at Dawn by Ganarly Films

Petrofka Orchard 2018 Drone Video

Promotional Video produced by Stephen Kent

Riverland’s Heritage Region Petrofka Area Video

Global News – October 2016

Part 1 – Jeff showing Stu how we make our Soft Apple Cider using a bladder press.

Part 2 – Diana showing Stu our Apple Cider Vinegar room where our regular and infused vinegar is made.

Part 3 – Laura demonstrates how our drill press is used to peel our apples and then Stu’s job is to slice them up using our chopper.

Part 4 -Taste testing begins!  We currently have 32 different products we make at the Orchard.

Part 1 – 4 ( over 7 minutes long).   YouTube

CTV News – September 2014

View 360 degree views of our place (Produced by Ian Roach).
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