Apple Varieties We Grow

Our University of Saskatchewan Research Program Varieties

Prairie Sensation

Large, firm, crisp and juicy. Intense aroma. Similar to the gala apple. Great for fresh eating, juicing and cooking. Stores for four months under proper condition. Ripens mid-September.

Prairie Sun

Crisp, moderately sweet and resistant to oxidation browning. Good for fresh eating and makes excellent processed products. Stores well for approximately 6 weeks. Ripens early September.

Misty Rose

Medium, firm, sweet and juicy. Colour is 90% red wash over light green. Very good eaten fresh. The fruit has good storability. Ripens early September.

Granny Annie

Medium to large. The flavour is good and sub-acid (like a good Granny Smith both sweet and sour). Excellent eating for people who like tart apples. Ripens late early October.

Autumn Delight

Small to medium, very sweet, bright red. I call it “the lunch box apple.” Excellent storability, ripens late September.

Petrofka Mac

Large, sweet with bitter after taste. It is a Macintosh/Brockland seedling. It is hardy at my place and tastes like a good Macintosh. It has good storability, good juicer. Ripens mid-September.

Red Mike

Small, Mac aroma, red in colour, good storage. Ripens in mid September.


Medium in size, bright red colour, good dessert apple, good cooking apple. Good selling apple over the counter. Stores well and ripens late September.

Some of the Old Favorite Varieties


Medium sweet apple, good for fresh eating and cooking. Ripens mid-August, store for two months if picked before maturity.


Medium to large, good for fresh eating and cooking. Ripens late August. Hardy and resistant to fire blight. Good storage ability.


A proven apple for many years. Medium to large, good fresh eating and juicing. Fair cooking. A top rated prairie apple tree for hardiness. Ripens in late August.


Large, sweet and slightly acidic. Very good for fresh eating and cooking. Should be in sheltered location, store two to three months. Ripens late September.

Minnesota 447

Now named “Frost Bite” medium, very firm, sweet and crisp. Excellent juicer, fresh eating. Under proper condition will store for six months or more. Ripens in mid October.


A small crab apple. Flesh is white, crisp and sweet. Good for canning and juicing. Does not store well. Very hardy to the Prairie, ripens in August.


Medium to large, crisp and moderately juicy. Good for fresh eating and cooking. Some say Norda is the same apple as Norkent. Ripens early September, moderately thick skin. Very hardy to our climate.